GorillaGrip Lightweight Plyo Box

SKU: GG-PLYO EAN: 8719699861909

Plyo boxes are a must for (plyometric) box jump exercises; an effective way to train fast-twitch muscle fibers that accelerate leap force and strengthen your quadriceps while simultaneously training correct landings and preparing your body for injury-free sudden stops. A plyo box workout boosts the 'explosiveness' of the body, stimulating the central nervous system in order to train your speed strength. A great warmup for weightlifting and cardio-conditioning!

Screwed and glued and ready to use!

Weight: 18 kg
Dimensions inch: 20''/24''/30''
Dimensions cm: 50,8 cm/61 cm/76.2 cm
Made in Holland

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€ 169.00

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