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The SkiErg by manufacturer Concept2 makes Nordic skiing available to all. The benefits of Nordic skiing are numerous. Considered one of the most challenging trainings there is, it makes you stronger, improves your overall endurance and guarantees a full-body workout. The SkiErg can be used for the double-stick technique and the classic ski technique (moving your arms alternately).

The SkiErg uses the same techniques as the Concept2 rowing machines. Concept2 rowers are used by professional rowers from all over the world, because of their durability. Just as the rowing machines, the SkiErg is designed to last, with an advanced monitor to carefully track your progress and other data.

Whether you are a skilled langlaufer looking to enhance your strength, an amateur skier trying to get in shape for the winter holiday season, or someone looking for a full-body workout machine, you will reach the top!

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