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Kwakzalver Magnesium Gel


Get a grip! Experience the latest developments in the world of magnesium. Kwakzalver Sport Cosmetics has developed the ideal liquid magnesium for cross-fitters, weightlifters and athletes.

The magnesium grip gel gives you an ultimate long-lasting grip. No more messing around with powders, white gym floors and having to apply again and again. This liquid magnesium gives your hands the grip you deserve, without leaving stains.

Instructions: Use a small portion of magnesium gel and apply evenly on your hands. Let the gel dry for a couple of seconds. Less is more; do not use too much, as the gel wont dry properly.

Ingredients: Isopropyl Alcohol, Magnesium Carbonate Hydroxide, Colophony, Hydroxypropyl cellulose


Kwakzalver Magnesium Gel 12.50


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