GorillaGrip Technique Barbell 15 lb

SKU: GG104-ZN-TB15LB EAN: 8719699863019

A barbell is a long bar for weightlifting. Plates of various weights are placed on both ends to increase the total weight that has to be lifted. In Olympic weightlifting there are different rules about the weights of bumper plates, fractional plates, collars and barbells. A technique barbell weighs 15 lb without plates or collars. Our barbells are made of aluminium, with a diameter of 50 mm.

Weight: 15 lb
Material: Aluminum / Black Sleeves
Diameter: 50 mm
Marking: Dual Marking without Center Knurl
Maximum weight: 50 kg
Structure: 2 Special Bearings + 2 Brass Steel bushings + End Caps
Measurement: 1830 x 28 mm

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