GorillaGrip Econoline Weightvest Grey

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The GorillaGrip Econoline Weight Vest is a unique weight vest. The vest is made to optimally improve your training. The quality is comparable with the combat quality gear. The Econoline Weight Vest is made with the finest materials available and the latest European design and technology.

Combined with the Ultimate Metcon Plates (UMP), the Econoline Weight Vest is the best weight vest on the market. 

The GorillaGrip Econoline Weight Vest and the Ultimate Metcon Plates have been created by using new, innovative materials and systems, such as Thoratex® and the Adaptive Padding System. 



Thoratex® is a newly designed material. It exceeds traditional fabrics and the most demanding military specifications, greatly improving the performance of THE CORDURA1000.


Adaptive Padding System:
Adaptive Padding System (APS) is a structure developed with 3D Aerospace Mesh, which vaporizes sweat, expels heat and moisture and allows you to train comfortably.


Adaptive Padding System Features:

  • Odorless and antibacterial technology
  • Breathable and quick drying
  • Lightweight
  • Increases athletic fit
  • Reduce body temperature and improves airflow
  • Removable, replaceable and machine washable


The entire vest has been made from laser-cut parts. This technique provides extra precision and quality.


The Econoline Weight Vest has been designed for maximum speed, mobility, and comfort at the best price. Despite the extra weight, you always feel comfortable while wearing the vest.



The GorillaGrip Econoline Weight Vest material is ready for rain or other wet conditions. Thoratex® is waterproof and designed to push water and sweat away from your body.



The elastic material allows you the freedom to move, even in the most extreme conditions and intense workouts.


Easy to exchange weights:

It is quite easy to change the weight plates. Simply open the Velcro compartment, remove the plates, insert the other weight plates, and close the flap again. You will change the plates in a matter of seconds.



The plates (UMPs) are SAPI 10’ x 12’ standard. You can use them with all the vests currently available, including 5.11 and Uncommon (JPC Crye Precision, Lbt, Mayflower, Condor... and other vests compatible with 10’ x 12’ plates


Different weights:

  • Lbs (10 Lbs per pair): For those who start training with weight vests.
  • Lbs (15 Lbs per pair): The official competition weight for women.
  • 10 Lbs (20 Lbs per pair): The official men's competition weight.


APS is een gewatteerd en flexibel systeem van microvezels dat frictie met het hoofd en de nek vermindert.



APS is a padded and adaptable system, built with microfiber in the interior, to reduce friction with the face and neck.


Perfect  size:

Perfect  for SAPI 10’ x 12’ plates. The GorillaGrip Econoline Weight Vest design keeps the weight inside the compartment. This greatly increases comfort because loosing plates is simply uncomfortable.



The  Thoratex® material helps to transport moisture from sweat and water away from your skin. Antimicrobial, waterproof and resistant to odors!



The  vest will be delivered without weight plates. You can order these separately.

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