ALTER NUTRITION Bio Vegan Protein Mix Chia - Cacao - Lentils

SKU: MN-11

Looking for a protein to supplement your Omega-3 needs? This vegan powder mix Cacao'mega 3 is the answer to your needs. A delicious mix of vegan proteins and chia seeds, with a hint of cocoa. This protein-rich powder is ideal for in a shaker bottle after a workout, as well as in mueslis, cottage cheese and smoothies. 100 % organic and 100% vegan.

- pumpkin protein
- sunflower protein
- chia seed (15%)
- hemp protein
- fair trade cocoa (10%)
- linseed protein (8%)

Available in 500 and 1000 grams
500 grams from €29.90 for €23.90
1000 grams of €49.90 for €39.90