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From now on, take your own 'gym' with you anywhere you go! Whether you're at home, in the park or on vacation. What are we talking about? Gear1 from HyGear. Never heard of it? That may be right, because this is new in the Netherlands - coming over from America. But if you like sports, fitness, progress and a good challenge, you should read on.

How does Gear1 work
The set consists of a pair of elastic bands with handles, which contain sensors. These sensors are linked to an app on your smartphone, so that all your movements are tracked. That way, progress can be measured, time is tracked, calorie consumption is tracked and you can even set up a full schedule of goals. Work on your glutes, abs, triceps, biceps, shoulders, legs and chest. Slide the handles on the elastic bands for less or more resistance!

For inspiration, there are also various workouts to watch in the app and you can assess at which level you are already. For example, there is a different training for each level and you receive feedback from the app.

In the package you will find:
1. Resistance bands
2. Wrist and ankle straps
3. Wall Mount
4. Door Anchor
5. Ergonomic handles
6. Pouch to store everything

Suitable for:

- Tabata
- Cardio
- Strength
- Target body region
- Your individual goals



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