The GorillaGrip Wallmount Pullup Bar allows you to work perfectly on the muscles in your upper part of the body. All GorillaGrip rigs &racks are produced in our factory in the Netherlands. You can choose an indoor pullup bar or buy an outdoor pull-up bar. Both our indoor pull up bar and our outdoor pull up bar are equipped with a double-layer powder coating. Furthermore, our pull-up bar is thermal galvanized and therefore resistant to weather influences.

Exercises Pullup Bar

The GorillaGrip Wallmount Pullup Bar is 120 cm wide to vary your exercises. You can grab the pull-up bar narrowly or wide to train your back and abdominal muscles perfectly. Some exercises with a pull-up bar are pull ups, chin ups, parallel grip pull ups, hanging knee raises and hanging leg raises. These are different exercises for the abdomen and back by pulling yourself or your legs up. By performing the exercises slowly, you can also improve your stamina. You make the training extra intensive by clamping weights between your legs. If you are not yet very experienced with pull-up exercises, we advise you to do a good warm up, because pullup exercises are quite intensive. Those who are just starting to train on a pull up bar can use a resistance band to temporarily relieve your exercises.

Wallmount Pullup Bar

If you want to mount a pull up bar at home, the place is important. For example, when you attach the pull up bar in a room with a very low ceiling, you limit the number of exercises. Because of a low ceiling you cannot get above the bar. The pull-up bar can be placed inside a doorway or on a wall, but an outdoor pull up bar can also be mounted on a strong fence or wall outside. The GorillaGrip Wallmount Pullup Bar comes with six 12mm plugs and six 50mm stainless steel M10 wood wire bolts. This makes the pull up bar wall mounting solid and safe.