Pay in installments ,
without interest!

Pay in three terms, but already having your sports equipment at home after only the first payment has been made? It’s possible by using the payment methods of IN3 and Klarna. Without interest, so you don't pay anything extra. Sounds good, right? Read on to see how it works.

Pay with IN3

If a major expense or additional costs are not convenient at the moment, you can choose to pay in three terms thanks to IN3. No extra interest and no BKR registration! You pay back the purchase amount in three terms and within 60 days. IN3 is possible with amounts from €100 up to €3000.-.

How does this payment work with IN3

  1. During checkout you choose IN3 payment. IN3 is among the other payment methods
  2. You pay the first payment (of the three) during checkout and we ship your order.
  3. After that you pay the second payment within 30 days and the third within 60 days.

Pay with Klarna

Klarna is known for paying afterwards. With the current form of Klarna, you place an order now and payment must be paid within 30 days. But there is now an additional payment option at Klarna. It is possible to pay in 3 terms, without interest. You pay in three equal parts, with the amount automatically debited from your bank account every 30 days. This can be charged to a registered credit card (the credit card expiration date cannot be within 75 days of the date of purchase) or a linked bank account.

How does spread payments work with Klarna

  1. During checkout, check whether 'pay in 3 parts' is listed among the payment options. And select this option.
  2. After the order has been placed and the order has been shipped, you will receive an email from Klarna with the dates of the planned payments. The first payment is immediately debited.
  3. The payments are automatically scheduled and debited. So you don't have to do anything for this anymore! Do you want to keep an eye on everything? Then download the Klarna app.

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