We sell workout rigs made in Holland!

GorillaGrip is the Dutch brand that manufactures quality and custom made sports equipment and workout rigs for cross-box, personal training, boot camps, small group trainings and even garages or home gyms in Europe!

Most equipment is made in Holland at our own factory. Our 20+ employees take good care of your product and guarantee you get the best quality for the best price.

Because of our own production facility, GorillaGrip is able to deliver a custom-made rig within 5 weeks; any color you want, including customized parts if requested.

The production facility was founded in 1980. Now, equipped with up-to-date machinery, we are able to provide a variety of different markets with custom-made products. The facility not only produces sporting goods and equipment, we also manufacture offshore constructions, truck parts, street furniture, etc.

We started developing GorillaGrip as a cross-training brand in 2015. After one year of drawing and testing we added the brand to our company in 2016.

We solely use European steel for our constructions, employ only certified welders and powder coat with a Swiss brand coating. Outdoor rigs are furnished with a layer of zinc, making sure your equipment will not rust.

GorillaGrip will make your gym-dreams come true. The sky is the limit!

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