ASSAULT Airbike Classic

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The Assault Airbike is the best and highest functional airbike available. Designed by a driven team of developers from the fitness world, it is created with the feedback of enthusiastic gym and box owners, personal trainers and physiotherapists in mind.

The Assault AirBike has an LCD screen, that lets the athlete select a custom or pre-programmed routine; making sure you can start working out immediately. Determine the high-intensity intervals, target distance or Watt target.

All athletes are different. As a result, every athlete has their own cardio needs. It is challenging to design a machine that can meet all the different needs of all the different athletes, making sure every athlete will be challenged on their own level. The Assault AirBike has successfully risen up to the challenge. The harder you push, pull or cycle, the more resistance you will feel.

The Assault AirBike has unlimited possibilities: from easy workout to high intensity/Tabata workout that has you catching your breath. The Assault AirBike lets you do it all, making it the number one machine in your workout routine.

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