ASSAULT Airrunner Elite


The Assault AirRunner is the most effective treadmill available. The Assault AirRunner converts body energy into speed. In other words, the Assault AirRunner does not have a motor, but runs on the generated energy by the runner.

The Assault AirRunner is built to be durable. The tread will last for 250.000 kilometers! Besides the tread, all materials and finishing are of the highest quality. The frame and handles are made of stainless steel. The computer is programmed with multiple functions and input values (speed, watt, kcal, etc.).

The Assault AirRunner is the most efficient and effective runner available. Because of its curved shape, it makes you burn 30% more calories while protecting your knees and ankles. This makes the Assault AirRunner specifically suited for a variety of interval training. Moreover, the Assault AirRunner is the lightest treadmill on the market and only measures 82.5 cm wide.

The Assault AirRunner can be used in functional fitness programs, like CrossFit, High Intensity Training and K1. In addition, this compact machine is also suitable to be used in gyms or personal training session. Whatever your target, endurance, interval, strength or speed, the Assault AirRunner can do it all!

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