GorillaGrip Battle Rope 12 meter

SKU: GG-BTLRP12 EAN: 8719699861923

Do you want to work on your shoulder, back or leg muscles, but also give your condition a boost? The battle rope it is! Determine the intensity of the workout yourself. The greater the distance from the anchor point, the lower the intensity of the workout. The closer to the anchor point, the harder the workout becomes. Perfect for doing High Intensity Interval Workouts (HIIT).


With these 12 meters you are ready for an intense full body workout. Do you dare? Order your GorillaGrip battle rope today.


Length: 12 meters
Diameter: 40 mm
Color: black
Material: Polypropylene
End: black shrink sleeves
Weight per meter: 0.6 kg

Stock: Yes
€ 219.00

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