Blazepod Charging Base

SKU: GG701-BPCHARGER EAN: 8719699863385

BlazePod is a whole new training experience. It enhances your workouts by using visual triggers and it increases your speed and reaction time. Run through different training modules and measure your reaction time down to the millisecond.

You can charge 6 lights stable at the same time. If you have expanded your set or it is convenient to be able to charge quickly in another place, then a separate extra charger is a solution.


The set consists of:
1 x charger
1 x micro-USB cable


You must charge always on a PC or with a plug that gives a fixed voltage. New mobile phones today have variable power to charge faster and more securely, but these plugs do not work with the pods.

BlazePod App (iOS or Android)

€ 33.25

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