Booty® Builder PLATINUM

SKU: GG702-BBPlatinum

Booty Builder® PLATINUM is a new and innovative plate loaded machine, which makes hip-thrusting safe, easy and fun.

Booty Builder Platinum provides the ultimate glute workout with its patented raised feet design allowing for a deeper range of movement and constant resistance for better results.

The cushioned seatbelt design adds extra comfort so you can load up heavy weight. Add the Booty Builder bands for extra resistance and explosive movement required for sports performance. 

The weights that fit on the Booty Builder have a core diameter of 50 mm. The GorillaGrip Rubber Coated Weightplates are the ideal weight plates for this machine. The steel core makes it easy to load a number of discs. It is also possible to add extra resistance or do explosive workouts by using resistance bands. The Booty Builder® PLATINUM provides hook points for mini bands. Think of for example the GorillaGrip loops (2 sets per machine needed) The stepless adjustable back part makes it the Booty Builder® PLATINUM suitable for all sizes.

With a length of 170 cm and a width of 145 cm, the Booty Builder® PLATINUM takes up little precious space and provides a fantastic way to perform your glute exercises.

The Booty Builder® PLATINUM comes in a wooden box and is 90% pre-assembled. Building the last bit is easy to do yourself. You can find the build-up manual here.

Build-up size:                 L1774 x B 1445 x H 776 mm
Package:                         L155 x B 88 x H 90 cm
Resistance:                     7 KG without added weights
Maximum load:             200 KG load weight

€ 4,228.95
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PLATINUM + 2 x Weight plate Rubbercoated 15KG + 2 x Weight plate Rubbercoated 20KG + 2 x Weight plate Rubbercoated 25KG

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