GorillaGrip Butcher Sled

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Train hard and making progress on your condition, acceleration and strength? You do it with our Butcher Sled (a.k.a. fitness sled). The natural movements needed to push or pull the Butcher Sled make this workout suitable for anyone who trains regularly or is working on a recovery (injury).


Working out with a Butcher Sled

Indestructible and ready for intense workouts. You train both your legs and upper body, thanks to the different workouts that are possible. Choose to push or pull the Sled. Can it be a bit heavier? No problem. Make the workout as hard as you want by placing weight plates – also known as bumper plates – on the upright tubes.

Are you ready to sweat a lot, train through the pain (both physically and mentally) and go one step further than the rest? Then buy your GorillaGrip Butcher Sled today.


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Own production in The Netherlands

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