GorillaGrip Competition bar

SKU: GG104-ZN-CBAR EAN: 8719699867390

The GorillaGrip competition bar or C-Bar is a shortened version of an Olympic barbell for weightlifting. The shorter barbell length makes it ideal for competitions when the required space is less and for home use where space is limited.

The 28 mm bar diameter corresponds to the diameter of the 20 KG Olympic barbell. The total length of this barbell is 1750 mm, and the total weight is over 15 KG. The barbell is made of black zinc with chromed 50 mm sleeves. Serrated with double marking and the center piece of the bar is smooth without knurls. The sleeves rotate around four stainless steel canisters.

A great barbell for your functional training!

Please note!
This bar does not fit on standard supports with 110 cm distance between the J-Cups. Size between sleeves is 108.5 cm!


Weight: 15,0-16,0 kg
Material: black zinc/chrome
Diameter: 50 mm
Marking: Double without center knurl
Tensile strength: 190K PSI
Maximum permissible weight: 800 kg
Technique: 4 Stainless steel canisters + end caps
Size: 1750 x 28 mm

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