GorillaGrip EZ Curl Bar

SKU: GG104-ZN-EZ EAN: 8719699865426

The GorillaGrip EZ Curl Bar is a 50mm-sleeved barbell with a multiple curved bar. Due to the different angles, this barbell is ideal for biceps and triceps exercises. The hands grasp the bar at an angle, reducing the rotation of the forearm than when using a straight bar. This gives a more pleasant feeling, but also a different state of the muscles, making more isolated exercises.

With a total length of 1200 mm, a great handy barbell. With the own weight of 10KG a fine base for your more intensive arm workouts. Combined with our rubber coated weight plates a must have for the serious power athlete.


Weight: 10,0 kg
Material: black zinc/chrome
Diameter: 50 mm
Marking: Double without center knurls
Maximum permissible weight: 200 kg
Technique: 2 ball bearings + 2 stainless steel canisters + end caps
Size: 1200 x 28 mm

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€ 189.00
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EZ Curl Bar + Spring Lock Collar + 2 x Weight plate Rubbercoated 5KG + 2 x Weight plate Rubbercoated 10KG

EZ Curl start pakket (2x5KG +2x10KG)

€ 353.85 € 318.47 In. VAT

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