GorillaGrip Drop Block 30cm

SKU: GG607-DB30 EAN: 8719699865211

Drop Block 30 cm
The GorillaGrip soft Drop Blocks of 30cm are the perfect drop mats for your barbell exercises. The Drop Blocks are filled with foam, which ensures as little noise and vibrations as possible when dropping the bumper plates and barbell. The vinyl coating ensures optimal protection of the Drop Blocks. In addition, sewn-in Velcro edges have been incorporated into the Drop Blocks, so that they can be stacked safely. Train to the maximum, without bothering the neighbors!


Order your 30cm Drop Blocks at GorillaGrip.


Price shown: Per Piece
Size: 75x50x30cm
Weight: 16KG
Material: Vinyl/Foam
Load-bearing capacity: 120KG each
Price: Per piece

Stock: Yes
€ 139.95

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