GorillaGrip Drop Block Set

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Drop Block Set
The GorillaGrip Drop Block Set reduces noise pollution and vibrations when you drop your barbell and bumper plates. Good for yourself, but also for the neighbors or other people in your area. The Drop Block Set are drop mats and Stoppers, both filled with foam.

Drop Block Set as Jerk Block
By using the Drop Block Set as a whole, you create a total height of 45cm. The perfect height to use this set as a Jerk Block. Thanks to a Jerk Block, you don't have to clean the barbell because it stays at a height of 45cm. That way, you don't start from scratch with a new exercise. Jerk Blocks are perfect for improving technique and strength training.


Buy the Drop Block Set at GorillaGrip and you have everything you need for maximum sports.


The Drop Block set consists of:
2x Drop Block 75x50x15cm
2x Drop Block 75x50x30cm
2x Drop Block Stopper pair

Size:           75x50x15-45cm
Weight:           50KG
Material:         Vinyl/Schuim
Capacity:       240KG per set
Price:                     Per set

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