GorillaGrip Farmer Walk Set

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Are you ready for a good full body workout and are you looking for the ultimate strength test? It is possible thanks to the Famer's Walk Set from GorillaGrip. Tighten your abs and glutes, keep the Farmer's Walk handles at your sides and keep your back straight. Walk forward in small, controlled steps. Are you able to walk for 1 to 2 minutes with quite a few kilos in both hands?

Where is the Farmer's Walk (set) used?
You come across the Farmer's Walk at Strongman competitions, but also at cross training sessions and competitions. Because you can basically use the Farmer's Walk handles everywhere, you can use them at the gym or in your garden as well.

Challenge yourself
Can it be a step heavier? You can place bumper plates on both ends of the Farmer's Walk handles. This way you can slowly build up the number of kilos to be lifted. Train on pure power with the Farmer's Walk.


The price is ex. bumper plates. Only suitable for bumper plates and Hi Temp plates, not competition plates.
Manufacturing in The Netherlands

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