GorillaGrip Flat Bench Welded

SKU: ART-005352 EAN: 8719699861008

Bench press: it's only possible with the help of a good flat bench, because it makes you train your chest muscle to the max. The bench press is one of the most popular compound workouts and that is why you will find the Flat Bench Welded at GorillaGrip. Made in the Netherlands, to make sure we can offer you the best quality there is. Screwing and/or mounting is past tense, because the Flat Bench Welded is made of a whole.


Footprint: 1210 x 370 mm
Height: 450 mm
Cover size: 1200 x 300 mm
Marerial cover: Artificial leather
Color: black
Compatible with GorillaGrip Rigs
Own production in The Netherlands

Stock: Yes
€ 379.00

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