GorillaGrip HiTemp Bumper plate Coloured 10KG

SKU: GG106-HTBPC10 EAN: 8719699863484

If it's dropping or lifting: do it your way with the 10KG Hi-temp bumper plate colored from GorillaGrip. The plate is made of recycled material, which causes a better damping than regular plates. 

Handmade: the letters and figures are painted by hand on the 10KG hi-temp bumperplate colored, which makes every plate unique.


Price shown: Per Piece
Color: black / white
Weight: 10.0 kg
Diameter: 450 mm (IWF Standard)
Collar opening: 50.40 mm
Outer material: crumb rubber
Insert: stainless steel
Made in China

Stock: Yes
€ 47.50

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