GorillaGrip Lacrosse Ball Set

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Lacrosse Ball Set

The GorillaGrip Lacrosse Balls Set for self-massage of muscle knots.

Lacrosse Balls are used to massage muscle knots away independently on hard-to-reach parts of the body. By lying on a ball, exactly where a muscle knot, or also called trigger point, is located, you easily massage this muscle knot away while rolling. This relaxes and lengthens the muscle. The result is more flexibility and less recurring complaints due to overload.

Self-massage of muscle knots is for places like your shoulders, calves, thighs, or lower back.


The GorillaGrip Lacrosse Ball Set consists of:
1 Storage Bag Black with GorillaGrip Logo
1 Lacrosse Ball Orange 6.4 cm with GorillaGrip logo
1 Lacrosse Ball Black 6.4 cm with GorillaGrip logo

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