GorillaGrip Latex Powerband Black Light

SKU: GG403-LPBBL EAN: 8719699866591

Are you ready for taking the next step with your resistance band exercises? Then our light power band is the right one for you! The light resistance band is made of latex and won’t slip off your legs or arms during the workouts.

Exercises with our light resistance bands
For example, do the tricep extensions, the squat walk or the wall sit, to give your muscles a boost during your workout. The power band will make the workouts more insense, without putting extra pressure on it. Light power bands will give you the fill body workout you’re looking for.

Relieving workouts with our light power band
Did you know that the light power band can give you support, while doing your pull ups? The power band will then be used as a pull up band instead of a power band. Which gives you the support you need, while practicing on your pull ups.


Color: Black
Material: latex
Size: 2080 x 22 x 4.5mm

Stock: Yes
€ 11.95

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