GorillaGrip Latex Powerband Green Heavy

SKU: GG403-LPBGH EAN: 8719699866614

Suitable for you compound workouts within your strength training: it’s all possible with the heavy resistance bands! Did you know that you can train multiple muscles at the same time, with compound exercises? Not only does the heavy power band gives enough resistance to let your muscles work, it’s also suitable for maintaining your muscles.

When will you use the heavy resistance band?
If you regularly do cross traing, fitness or maybe even bodybuiling, then the heavy resistance band is your band! Iff neccesary, you can add extra weights to your workout, by using a kettlebell or dumbbell. All to maximize your muscle strength.


Color: green
Material: latex
Size: 2080 x 45 x 4.5mm

Stock: Yes
€ 21.95

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