GorillaGrip Latex Powerband Orange Super Heavy

SKU: GG403-LPBOSH EAN: 8719699866638

The name says it all: meet the super heavy power band, that gives maximum resistance. The extra heavy resistance band is perfect for everyone who is used to heavy workouts. A great solution for maintaining muscle strenght during a summer vacation, without extra weights. Or create an extra heavy workout by adding this heavy resistance band, on top of your fitness equipment (such as barbells, kettlebells or bumper plates).

Extra heavy workouts with the power band
The ‘pump’ is an important part of muscle growth. By continuously putting pressure on your muscles, you create the pump. Thanks to the Gorilla Grip extra heavy resistance band, your muscles are continuously under tension during the workout. That way you can develop or maintain muscle growth.


Super heavy
Color: orange
Material: latex
Size: 2080 x 83 x 4.5mm

Stock: Yes
€ 34.94

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