GorillaGrip Latex Powerband Red Extra Light

SKU: GG403-LPBRXL EAN: 8719699866584

Are you looking for a useful tool to do your strength training with, but you just can’t or don’t want to train too heavy yet? Then the extra light power band, also known as the resistance band, is suitable for you! Our extra light power band gives minimal resistance but does allow your muscles to get used to this form of resistance.

Is the extra light resistance band the right one for me?
Are you a beginner in strength training or maybe even recovering from an injury? Then the extra light power band is suitable for your cross training or strenght training. Get started with, for example, bicep curls or squat walks and you will notice that your muscles will start to burn.

Relieving workouts with the power band
Are you planning on practicing on your pull ups? Even then the extra light power band is suitable! The power band is then used as a pull up band, which helps you pull up on a bar.


Extra light
Color: rood
Material: latex
Size: 2080 x 13 x 4.5mm

Stock: Yes
€ 7.95

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