GorillaGrip Loadable Dumbbell

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Compact, versatile and especially for all the strong ones: the loadable dumbbell from GorillaGrip. Unlike the regular Hex Dumbbells, you can add weights to the adjustable dumbbell yourself, thanks to the changeable rubber-coated Gorilla Grip weight plates. That way you can make your training as heavy as you want. These bumper plates fit perfectly on the loadable dumbbell, so you can do strength exercises for your triceps, back or shoulders.


Click on the rubber-coated weight plates with the Gorilla Grip lock collars. The short dumbbell bar is suitable for gyms, cross boxes or for the home gym. Outdoor sports with the loadable dumbbell is only possible during dry/sunny weather. It is not recommended to leave it outside at night or during rain. The barbell is not made of stainless steel. Per piece for sale.


Weight: 6,5kg clean on the hook
Diameter: 50mm
Total length: 51 cm
Sleeve length: 18.5cm (17cm loadable)
Handle length: 14 cm (dm 28mm)

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€ 149.00
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2 x Weight plate Rubbercoated 1.25KG + 2 x Weight plate Rubbercoated 2,5KG + 2 x Weight plate Rubbercoated 5KG + 2 x Weight plate Rubbercoated 10KG + Spring Lock Collar + Loadable Dumbbell

Loadable Dumbbell Pakket

€ 354.75 € 324.35 In. VAT

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