GO PRIMAL Longevity & Joint Care

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You are getting old(er). You have to face it, no matter how young we continue to feel. Then you ensure that you grow old(er) in a healthy way. If you start now, you will benefit from it later. Boost your immune system, make your skin glow and protect joints: you do it with Longevity & Joint care from GoPrimal.

Collagen is processed in Longevity & Joint care and it is precisely this that serves as a 'lubricant' for our joints. The older we get, the less we create. Healthy and strong bones, tendons and joints are essential for an active lifestyle and this is why you - as an athlete - can use extra collagen.


The content of this pack is enough for 25 servings – 10g per serving

Collagen peptides (identical to the collagen in your skin and joints. Peptan® is a very pure, natural bioactive product, containing more than 97% protein). Vitamin C and asorbic acid (water-soluble variant of vitamin C).

Never take more than the recommended amount. This applies to any supplement or vitamin.

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