GO PRIMAL Magnesium, Zinc & B6 capsules

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Organic magnesium and zinc are vital for our bodily functions. Not only is it an important source for a healthy heart, good muscles, nerves and immune system, it also promotes concentration and deep sleep. All these factors ensure that magnesium and zinc allow you to recover faster after a workout, ensure that you sleep better (and thus recover faster) and that your endurance improves.

Through sports and exercise you lose essential minerals and salts (including magnesium and zinc) on a daily basis, which can lead to deficiencies in the long term. When you take magnesium and zinc, it helps against muscle cramps and stiffness. But fatigue and migraines also have less chance. By adding B6 to the supplement, the other ingredients are absorbed more efficiently by the body. Mag-zinc-B6 from GoPrimal is 100% vegan.


One Pot of Mg ZN B6 contains 90 capsules
Suitable for 45 days
Important: never take more supplements than recommended.

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