GorillaGrip Drop Block Stopper (paar)


We're making room for new products and that's why this product from GorillaGrip will discontinue. Therefore you can get a very high discount on this product! The only condition when ordering this product: you can not return it.


Drop Block Stopper
You want to make sure that your barbell and bumper plates do not roll off the Drop Blocks during rest? The Drop Block Stoppers from GorillaGrip are indispensable for you as an athlete. Thanks to the sewn-in Velcro edge, the Stoppers can be placed safely and well on top of a 15cm or 30cm Drop Block. The Drop Block Stoppers are sold in pairs, so you can always place a Stopper on both sides of a Drop Block.


Price:       Per set
Size:        75x5x5cm
Weight:   1KG per set
Material:  Vinyl/Foam
Made in Pakistan

Stock: Yes
30 % discount
€ 27.95 € 19.57

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