GorillaGrip Plate Tree

SKU: ART-000039a EAN: 8719699861220

Where do you leave your weight plates after exercise? Exactly, on the weight plate rack! Putting your bumper plates on the ground is no longer necessary, because you can easily and quickly place the bumper plates on the mobile Plate Tree from GorillaGrip. Safe, clear and tidy.


The Plate Tree has a total of six arms, which makes the storage rack suitable for 8 to 12 weight plates. Depending on the thickness of the discs. The storage rack is suitable for bumper plates with an opening of 50mm.
Suitable for using in the home gym or public gym. To keep the package as compact as possible during shipping, you have to assemble the Plate Tree upon delivery. That is easily done in a second.


Footprint: 660 x 600 mm
Height: 1510 mm
Color: black
Own production in the Netherlands
Compatible with GorillaGrip Rigs

Deliverytime is 1 till 3 business days
Stock: Yes
€ 459.00

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