GorillaGrip Safety Strap 1100

SKU: ART-001518 EAN: 8719699866980

Safety first, also with Gorilla Grip! That is why the Safety Straps are indispensable, so you can protect yourself and your devices while doing exercises on a rig or rack. Let your barbell roll away safely in the Safety Strap. Working on maximum muscle mas and with maximum safety. That's how we do it.

The Safety Straps are easy to attach to the rig and, despite the light weight, can withstand the heaviest kilos. Made of the best nylon, you can lift the heaviest kilos without any problems.
Size: 110 cm

Compatible with all GorillaGrip Pro Workout and Pro+ Workout rigs.

All materials used are guaranteed European.
Own production in The Netherlands

Stock: Yes
€ 289.95

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