GorillaGrip Sand Disc 6KG

SKU: GG603-SD06 EAN: 8719699864238

We're making room for new products and that's why this product from GorillaGrip will discontinue. Therefore you can get a very high discount on this product! The only condition when ordering this product: you can not return it.



This Sand Disc of GorillaGrip is a round disc, filled with 6 kg of sand and made of the synthetic rubber neoprene. A Sand Disc has a good grip and is therefore  perfect to use for a core training. These are trainings to strengthen your back, abdomen and pelvis, your so-called core or center of your body.


We recommend indoor using of the sand discs, because outside on the street Sand Discs wear out more quickly.


Diameter 34 cm
Dikte 7,5 cm

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