GorillaGrip Soft Plyo Box

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The soft Plyo Box from GorillaGrip is an ideal tool to safely do plyometric exercises. The box has three unequal sides and is therefore to be used with a height of 50.6 cm, 61 cm and 76.2 cm. The filling of the Plyo Box consists of foam with hard foam inside and on the six outside surfaces softer foam. The outer surface of the GorillaGrip Plyo Box is made of vinyl and has anti-slip on all sides for safely jumping on the box.

In a plyometric exercise, your muscles experience maximum load by – in the first instance -lengthening the muscles, after which the muscles are immediately shortened as vigorously as possible. You jump of the Plyo Box, and you jump up immediately after you've landed. During landing on the ground lengthen the leg muscles to absorb the blow and during the jump shortens the muscle vigorously and quickly. The aim is to keep in touch with the ground as briefly as possible.


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