GorillaGrip Strongman Sandbag 40KG

SKU: GG603-SB40 EAN: 8719699864160

A GorillaGrip Strongman Sandbag is an excellent and functional training tool  to work on strength, condition and grip. You can use Strongman sandbags both indoors and outdoors and they are a convenient alternative to lifting heavy balls and stones.

A Strongman sandbag is cylindrical and consists of a double bag. The outer bag is provided with a weight indication and logo. The inner bag can be filled with 40 kg of sand or 15 kg of rubber granulate, which allows two different weights per bag. The weight indication on the sandbags is embroidered in white and the weight marking on the bags with rubber granulate is shown in orange. The inner pocket closes with a strong, double Velcro closure and a zipper. This makes leakage virtually impossible.

The sand and the rubber granulate are not included, rubber granulate is available through the GorillaGrip webshop.

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