GorillaGrip Technique Plate set 2 x 2.5Kg

SKU: GG101-TP2.5 EAN: 8719699863064

Before being able to properly lift with weights, it is important that you practice posture and technique. Posture and technique are important when it comes to Crosstraining training. In order to do so, special technique plates are available. Whereas regular 2.5 kg plates are small in diameter, putting the barbell too close to the ground, 2.5 kg technique plates have the same diameter as normal bumper plates, thus allowing you to practice more effectively (actual bumper plates start at a weight of 5 kg). This makes the technique plate ideal for beginners, looking to perfect their weightlifting technique. In contrast to bumper plates, technique plates are made of plastic and not meant to be dropped.


Price shown: Per Pair
Color: black
Weight: 2.5 kg
Diameter: 450 mm 
Collar opening: 50.40 mm
Material: plastic
Made in China

Stock: Yes
€ 68.99

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