Torque Fitness Tank M1 storage bracket


The M1 storage bracket is designed to store your TANK M1 on the wall to save valuable training space. This bracket protects your TANK M1 from scratches thanks to vinyl-clad saddles and it also protects your wall from wheel marks thanks to a rail that guides the front wheel of the TANK during hanging and removal.

In addition to easy storage, the M1 storage bracket also has upper and lower attachment points for storing accessories and for training. You can attach your accessories such as a battlerope to the anchor points for training and then hang them when you are done.


Product specifications:

Dimensions: (l x b x h)62 cm x 102 cm x 22 cm
Weight: 13.2 kg
Color: Black
Brand: Torque Fitness

€ 199.94
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Tank M1 + Tank M1 storage bracket

Torque Tank M1 inclusief Ophangbeugel

€ 1,699.88 € 1,679.89 In. VAT

Tank M1 + Tank M1 storage bracket + 2 x Weight plate Rubbercoated 20KG

Torque Tank M1 inclusief Ophangbeugel en 2 schijven 20KG

€ 1,899.77 € 1,849.80 In. VAT

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