Rubber Tiles

Rubber Tiles

Since the rise of Functional Training or Functional Fitness, rubber tiles are well known in the sports world. Thanks to GorillaGrip's durable and hard-wearing rubber sports floor and rubber tiles, every gym can be equipped with a high-quality floor. Functional Fitness is becoming increasingly popular and athletes are making higher demands on the fitness floor. GorillaGrip offers rubber tiles for any sporting activity, such as fitness and cross-training or any other sport.

Rubber tiles advantages

A sports floor with rubber tiles or rubber mats offers many advantages. Due to the cushioning properties of the durable rubber tiles, dumbbells and other weights cannot damage the rubber floor. The high-quality rubber keeps the rubber floor hardwearing. The floor no longer attracts cold and the rubber keeps the subsoil better protected. Exactly what is needed when performing intensive sports exercises. Furthermore, rubber tiles are low-maintenance and easy to lay. It also offers excellent fall damping for both athletes and the training equipment.

The ideal floor tile

Rubber tiles are mainly used on playgrounds and sports venues. They are used as a gym floor tile or as a functional fitness floor tile. Rubber tiles in a gym prevents injuries due to the elasticity of the rubber tiles. This also applies to outdoor sports venues.

Types of rubber tiles

GorillaGrip supplies different types of rubber tiles, namely the Rubber Granulate Tiles and X-Connect SBR Rubber tiles. We advise you to clean the tiles regularly for longer life span of the rubber tiles.

Rubber Granulate Tile

The Granulate tiles are produced with extra hard compression and extra fine rubber granules. As a result, these tiles offer high resistance when using heavy materials, such as heavy weights and equipment. The fine rubber granule ensures a nice dense structure, which makes it easy to clean. This tile has a noise reduction test and air quality certificate. The exterior measurement is 100 x 100 cm, and they are available in 20 mm and 43 mm.

X-Connect SBR Rubber Tile

The X-Connect SBR Rubber tile has a thickness of 20 mm and the external dimension is 100 x 100 cm. The tiles are connected with plastic joints, making the rubber floor a whole.

Characteristic of the SBR Rubber tile is the smooth, dense top. This gives this tile a chic look and it also can be kept clean. The very dense structure also results in a longer life span.

The X-Connect tiles are available in a 100% SBR black version. There is also the 15% version where the top layer is equipped with colored speckles. The available colors are light grey, dark grey, blue, green and terra-red.

Experience GorillaGrip's safe and resilient rubber tiles!