A high-quality sprint track from GorillaGrip is ideal for functional training, pushing, and pulling a heavy sled or sprint training. This artificial turf is often used as a fitness sprint track, cross-training track, heavy sprint track or gym sprint track. The heavy artificial turf has an extremely high fiber density, and it is ideal for intensive workouts without leaving pressure marks. The letters, numbers and markings are not printed on the sprint track or cut into them, but they are permanently woven into them. As a result, wear and tear is almost not possible.

Laying sprint track

The best subfloor for an artificial turf sprint track is a flat and clean subfloor. Remove any floor roughness to make the floor flat, because all the irregularity can be seen in the track. Our sprint tracks have a double-sided tape on the back, making installing easy and necessary to prevent sliding. You can also glue the artificial turf to the subfloor, but then the sprint track cannot be removed without damage.

Sprint track specifications

GorillaGrip has two types of sprint tracks, namely a sprint track in black and white and a sprint track in green and white. The size of these sprint tracks is 1.5 x 10.6 meters, the height of the fibers is 13 mm, and the weight is 2.5 kg per m².

 Overview of all the GorillaGrip sprint tracks specifications:

  • The artificial turf is 100% monofilament, which means a single fibred thread
  • Ten-year warranty on ultraviolet rays’ effects
  • Hardwearing
  • High fiber density
  • Suitable for intensive workouts
  • Easy to clean by vacuum cleaner
  • Standard double-sided tape
  • Easy to install
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor
  • The sprint track is completely tufted

Use GorillaGrip sprint tracks in crosstraining and fitness!