Daily supplements

You exercise regularly, you keep an eye on your diet and try to get enough sleep. But it could be a little bit better. Just that little bit extra is still missing. And that is why you will find your daily source of power, protection and recovery from GoPrimal with us at GorillaGrip. These supplements are intended for anyone who sports, even if you're beginner or experienced sporter. A perfect addition to your daily diet and (physical) needs.


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Essential Supplements and Supplements:

  • Omega 3 > good for mental health and the prevention of (cardiovascular) diseases and indispensable for a good recovery
  • Magnesium, zinc and b6 > magnesium and zinc prevent muscle cramps. But also offer support in case of fatigue or sleep disorders. Vitamin B6 ensures that both substances are better absorbed by the body.
  • Vitamin D3 > strengthens the immune system, without having to sit in the sun for this.
  • Focus & Power for better concentration and focus and increase the power of your brain
  • Humping & Pumping as the perfect pre-workout to give your body the strength it needs
  • Longevity & Joint care for boosting your immune system, keeping your joints flexible and as a care for your skin
  • Hydraforce is the most effective sports drink, without sugars and with creatine